Why here?

The Men's Shed has spread from its Australian origins in the '90s to span across several continents since then. It is alive and well within Canada and even British Columbia throughout various regions; however, there is one glaring omission within the Men's Shed BC network: Greater Victoria...

Until Now.

Why now?

If anyone living in Victoria, BC were to pause for a moment and reflect on how life has changed in our culture over the past 3+ years, it would not take long to focus on how much more socially isolated individuals have become over that timespan and longer. Additionally, men more generally, have a propensity to isolate themselves. These 2 phenomena, taken together, are the clarion call for the Men's Shed: to bring men together using methods that have long stood the test of time and transcended parochial cultures.

Why a Men's Shed in Victoria?

The Potential of the Shed